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ᴾᴾᴹ Donation Bots are fully automated. Donate and get Donator Status/Perks in about 1-2 minutes.

• Type !donate while in a PPM server, or
• Add and trade one of the PPM Bots below.
Add and Trade a PPM Bot to Donate

   Donator+ Perks:
[D+] Green Chat
• !ks !kson !ksoff
• Reserved Server Slot
• !skybox
• !boxing
• !cabin
• !resizeme
• !resizemyhead
• !robot
• !plus
• JetPack (!settings)
• Unlimited Ammo
• Fire Arrows
• High-5 Enemy

  TF2 Key Menu:
1 key 10 days
2 keys 20 days
3 keys 30 days
4 keys 40 days
5 keys 55 days
6 keys 65 days
7 keys 75 days
8 keys 90 days
9 keys 120 days
10 keys 135 days
11 keys 150 days
12 keys 165 days
Bill’s Hat 50 days
Earbud 365 days

( NOTICE: Commands Vary Between Servers - View Detailed List ) >>> No Refunds on any Donations <<<
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Latest News

Updates: Spycrabs, D+ Donator, and more...Learn More

- Effective immediately, the new minimum is now 8 keys value, formerly Bill's hat when requiring a PPM s3 Admin to MM spycrabs.
- Bill's for D+ donator reduced from 90 days to 50 days.
- Once the update ends on 11/12 s1, s5 and s8 will revert to what they were normally.

Sunday Mass NewsLearn More

Sunday FREE Mass Crabs will now only take place on the 1st Sunday of each month. Every week was taking too much time from me. Once a month will allow me be more consistent. Be sure to join the PPM Steam Group.

Combat Scammers (for Chrome & FireFox)Learn More

Steam Community Suite, browser script to help combat scammers.

Commands & Perks Detailed List View List

Long overdue detailed list showing public and D+ in-server commands and perks.

TF2Lotto Update Read new rules now!

9/9/2014 Major rule changes:
Learn more by visiting
The video tutorial is now outdated I will be making a new TF2Lotto video tutorial soon.

Live Chat Support (PPM Related) Get Help Now

Support chat rules. Join the support chat now!

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Get or Gift PPM Server Donator "D+" Tutorial: Watch

ᴾᴾᴹ TF2 Servers
Rules Perks Stats Bans
[PPM] Payload 24/7 | USA Server 1
[PPM] All Trade | USA Server 2
[PPM] Unusual-Trade | USA Server 3
[PPM] All Trade | USA Server 4
[PPM] All Trade | EU Server 5
[PPM] All Trade | EU Server 6

New to trading? Words of Advice from Pyro

Trading can be scary Rep.TF can help Join Steam Group

Web Browser User Script "Steam Community Suite":

Combat Scammers
(for Chrome and FireFox)

By Jessecar (updated 8/2014)
Useful TF2 Guide:
Useful TF2 Guide:

How To Avoid Scammers In TF2

By Perpetual-No-One' [MANISHMIKE]